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If you are looking for a business, you should consider a Steve's Frozen Chillers Distributorship.


As a Steve's Frozen Chillers Distributor, you will join our nationwide team of successful entrepreneurs who have been steadily growing their own Frozen Drink businesses. If a company sells food or beverage, then they are a potential customer.

Every Distributor receives:

  • An exclusive territory
  • Extensive, thorough training
  • Personalized marketing material
  • Ongoing assistance
  • Nationwide name recognition
A Steve’s Frozen Chillers Distributorship allows you to own your own thriving business, with a very low overhead, unlimited income potential with the knowledge that you are supplying your customers with the best products on the market.

A Growth Market
The growth opportunity with your Frozen Drink Distributorship is fantastic. Despite the poor economy during the last few years, sales at Steve’s Frozen Chillers Inc.are growing because we keep expanding our product lines to include additional types of businesses that you can service.

Why Steve’s Frozen Chillers?

  • Immediate Cash Flow! - Your cash flow starts as soon as your machines are placed. Most new businesses fail, in large part, from lack of cash flow in the beginning.
  • Working For You 24 Hours a Day - Your Frozen Drink Business is working for you all day, every day.
  • The Perfect Home Based Business - No boss. No set hours. No rent. No utilities. No employees. No advertising costs. No maintenance. No Distributorship fees. No royalties.
  • Feel Great! - How would it feel to wake each day knowing that your time is your own, and you have a whole “team” out there making you money while you sleep? Let the Steve’s Frozen Chillers Team help you make it happen!
  • How Much Can I Make? - Your Steve’s Frozen Chillers business or amount of income with these machines will be directly related to the number of machines you have and the locations in which they are placed. Different types of locations will yield different returns. We’ll help you to learn what the best types of locations are for you.
  • What about Training? – Every Distributor is brought into our Boynton Beach, Florida headquarters and thoroughly trained in every aspect of the business. You will visit a wide assortment of active customer’s locations and learn about the products and the equipment.
  • How about Marketing Assistance? – We have a full time Marketing Department that will assist you in finding homes for all of your machines. You will also receive an abundant supply of personalized full color business bards, sales flyers, mailers as well as all types of signage and posters.
  • Is there any ongoing support – Our Distributor Support Team is there to help you along the way, whenever you need them. There is always someone available to lend a hand and answer any questions you may have.

Basically, our distributors loan their frozen drink machines to their customers and then sell them the Drink Mixes to use with them. 

Our customers range from local restaurants and bars to theaters, convenience stores, bowling centers, convention centers, schools, athletic associations and summer camps. Miami Dolphin Stadium, Milwaukee Brewers Stadium, movie theaters, country clubs, national franchises, several distributorship groups, U.S. Embassies, Marriott Hotels, Ritz Carlton, and three of the largest foodservice companies in the world: The Boston Culinary Group, Aramark and Delaware North Company.
Our distributors work on over a healthy profit on every case of our Drink Mix that they sell, while at the same time, allowing their customers to work on a minimum of 100% mark-up for each drink that they sell. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Who we are looking for – The ideal Steve’s Frozen Chillers Distributor is an energetic, friendly, honest and self motivated individual or couple that is looking to build a fun, profitable future. This can easily be started as a home based business and grown as large as you want. If you have an available garage or storage unit and a SUV, minivan or pickup truck you have all that you need.
No matter what type of clientele your customers cater to, we have the right combination of drinks for them.

We have all of the favorites for kids and adults:
Atomic Raspberry& Pomegranate, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Lemonade, Blue Lemonade, Lemon/Lime, Strawberry/Banana, Peach Crème, Banana Crème, Gator Bites, Mango, Green Apple, Margarita, Green Tea w/Pomegranate, Mojito, Watermelon, Sheri’s Mellon Balls, Pina Colada, Rum Runner, Passion Fruit, Sweet Tea, Vanilla Velvet and Mocha Madness Cappuccinos. And, we are proud to say, none of our products are made with any animal by products. The frozen cappuccinos are kosher.
Our Distributor package:
Our Distributor Package price is based upon population density of the desired area. It includes everything that someone would need to get started in the frozen drink business:

We are very careful to choose individuals or couples that have the desire and financial backing to build themselves a successful business. Unlike most distributorships and business opportunities, with Steve’s Frozen Chillers, you will be deriving a positive cash flow immediately.
As soon as the contracts are signed, a beautiful direct mail piece is sent to thousands of potential customers for our products in your area.

There is not another franchise or distributorship that can offer you a better business opportunity.

For further information, call David Schoenberg at (800)572-2252.

Featured Recipe
Frozen Hurricane
Glassware:    14 ounce

 Drink Making Method:   Blender


 2 ounces   Bacardi Light Rum

3 ounces   Steve’s Frozen Chillers Fruit Punch Frozen Drink Mix

 Garnish: Pineapple Wedge and Cherry

 Pour all liquid ingredients into blender. Fill serving glass with ice cubes and pour into blender. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into serving glass. Garnish with Pineapple Wedge and Cherry.

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